What is the 5 Amazing E-commerce Website Design in 2022? Let’s Explore!

E-commerce Website Design
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What is the 5 Amazing E-commerce Website Design in 2022? Let’s Explore!

During COVID-19, every business has suffered a lot to stand out physically in the town. Almost the whole world was in lockdown, and the company was not doing well as they had to lay off employees due to huge losses. It prevented people from physically leaving their homes to get their desired products and services. It has damaged a lot the businesses that entirely relied on their customers.

Therefore, e-commerce business has urged and risen during COVID-19 and saved many companies from defaulting. It allows businesses to sell their services and products online virtually without letting the customers visit the shop physically. Many individuals got the golden opportunity to build their online businesses from scratch. However, the best e-commerce website design is necessary for all companies to sell online. An excellent e-commerce website design leads you to grow your business more than ever.

In this blog, we will learn the best e-commerce website design. Moreover, we will tell you about the best and most free e-commerce website templates in 2022. Keep exploring the article to learn more about e-commerce website design.

What is E-commerce Website Design?

E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce web design, also known as e-commerce website design, is the process of designing a website design for a site that allows for online sales. Product pages, shopping trolleys, and checkout processes are all distinct advantages of e-commerce web design.

The stylistic presence of your e-commerce website is referred to as e-commerce website design. It relates to how the various pieces and parts interact to build a functioning online space for your company. You can also make your e-commerce website design company provide web design services to businesses.

An e-commerce website lets you purchase or sell products and services over the internet. Consumers can buy a range of products from the comfort of their homes or while on the go using numerous devices such as phones or tablets.

The 5 Best Ecommerce Websites Design

E-commerce Website Design

Now that you know what Ecommerce website design is, let’s move on to the five best E-commerce website designs you must know about in 2022.


LARQ employs sharp product images and animations to pique our interest in something as simple as drinkable water. Through effective content marketing, color-block product features, and an engaging plastic waste calculator, the refillable water bottle retailer tries to persuade us to join their Bottle Advancement and explore more of their high-quality products.

Another watershed moment was the addition of multi-regional capabilities. LARQ claims that their developments increased by 80% in 3 months.


Allbirds is a clothing store about sustainable development and being environmentally conscious. The copy, call-to-action provokes, and product photography distinguishes their website design. They include elevated photos of their sportswear in use. In contrast, the copy, “Break a moisture, not the planet,” and “athletic shoes made with natural materials” emphasize what distinguishes them from other apparel. They recognize, however, that customers want to avoid taking their advice for it and have included their Certified B Corporate entity badge to build trust. The call to action work because they are simple, which makes shopping simple.


Bliss is one of the most outstanding examples of e-commerce website design on this list. Big Commerce powers this website. In 2020, Bliss was labeled one of Big Commerce’s Overall Best Design top contenders. The light and easygoing feel you get when interacting with this e-commerce website design is part of what makes it so fantastic. You can’t go wrong with this for a skincare product line – it does a great job of helping guests imagine how they’d feel after using any of the products. Bliss is an e-commerce website development company now a day.


We frequently praise Skullcandy, but it takes work to do effectively with an e-commerce website. To create a stylish, luxurious feel, those who skillfully offset bright colors with a trademark black website design. Products are simple to find; watch in great detail on the clip, and then read about the specifications. Even though Skullcandy’s primary market is tonal, browsing its webpage is a beautiful sensory experience thanks to its expert use of visuals, content design features, and video.


Burrow, a mechanical or structural retailer, used a home page video rather than words to indicate their main value proposition: compiling furniture can be fun, quick, and tool-free. Using a mix of brand and style of life pictures, Burrow makes it very easy to image their designs in your home, customize them for the perfect fit, and sequence them in several clicks.

5 Best Free Ecommerce Website Templates in 2022

E-commerce Website Design

Here is the list of the best free E-commerce website templates you must know in 2022.


Ustora is one of the best e-commerce website development templates. Ustora is a free bootstrap digital commerce template perfect for a digital store, a cell phone repair, or an accessories store. It created the Ustora digital commerce template with free delivery, a 30-day return policy, secure payments, new products, contact details, and attractive images and text.


Sunshine Vegetables and Fruit HTML templates are suitable for online vegetable retail locations, greengrocers, organic cuisine e-commerce websites, and other similar businesses.


This template feature is exclusive to the Free WordPress plugin five e-commerce website template. Slider, webpage, 404 page, marketing offer section, assistance area, customer area, weekly email area. You can use this template for a store, shop, garment, marketing, or any other development site: fantastic assistance and much more.

Zay Shop

Zay Shop is an URL CSS and one of the best free e-commerce website templates built with Bootstrap 5 beta 1. The product’s newly listed page, product detail profile, about page, and interaction page were all included in this eco-friendly template. You can increase as countless pages as you want.


Sprystore is a modern website template that features a clean design mainly. It includes seven editable HTML pages designed specifically for online clothing stores. It is also for the best E-commerce website design in 2022.


Building a responsive E-commerce website design is easier than ever before. It is up to you to choose the best e-commerce website design for your business. As discussed above, free E-commerce website templates are the best if you want a free one. Comment below if you still need clarification about the E-commerce website design. Our expert team will answer you accordingly!

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